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Corporate Governance

The success of Vantage Drilling is built on a foundation of trust, respect, integrity, and ethics, and these values should be evident in everything that we do. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all of our activities.

As a company with global operations and responsibilities, we are committed from the highest levels and throughout our organization to conduct our worldwide business ethically and in compliance with all applicable U.S. and foreign laws, including prohibitions against corruption. Every employee, officer and member of our board of directors is expected to uphold Vantage’s commitment to ethical business practices and regulatory compliance. This means conducting business in accordance with the spirit and letter of applicable laws and regulations, and in accordance with ethical business practices.

Our foundation of integrity, ethics and respect is the core of our business success. Continued success relies on the dedication from everyone to these core principles. Working together, we must uphold and demonstrate the highest levels of business excellence and ethics that our customers, stockholders and employees expect from us.

As part of Vantage Drilling's commitment to the utmost standard of compliance, we have developed the Code of Conduct and Ethics, the Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy, the Anti-Corruption Compliance Procedures, and the Policy for Reporting Complaints and Concerns About Accounting, Code of Conduct and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Matters (the “Whistleblower Policy”) (and collectively the “Policies” respectively). The Policies along with the Charters of key Board Committees can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Committee Charters

pdf Compensation Committee Charter (30KB PDF - Updated 3 Oct 16)

pdf Audit Committee Charter (75 KB PDF - updated 27 May 20)


pdf Vantage Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (187KB PDF English-only. Updated 27 May 2020)

FCPA Policy pdf Vantage Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy (192KB PDF English-only. Updated 3 June 2021)

FCPA Procedures PDF Vantage Anti-Corruption Compliance Procedures (264KB PDF English-only. Updated 3 June 2021)

Whistleblower Policy pdf Vantage Whistleblower Policy (61KB PDF English-only. Updated 5 September 2018)

Whistleblower Policy pdf Vantage Privacy Policy (309KB PDF English-only. Updated 21 November 2018)